You will find hard science fiction, space opera, poetry, borderline science fiction/fantasy, and true fantasy here.  Some of it is serious, but many of the pieces are humorous or contain humorous elements.  There are also articles on creating realistic imaginary planets and aliens. In time, I am planning to put up some longer works with the first chapter free and the rest available for download with a small payment.  At the moment, everything on this site is free.

I just published an anthology of short stories, The Box Turned Inside Out, on Amazon. Some of the stories are improved versions of stories on this site, others are completely new.

I have a story published in the October 2009 issue of Long Story Short.  I have also posted a variety of stories, articles and poems here so that people can see and enjoy them.  Apart from writing, I have a BSc in biology and a great love for tropical fish, music, and far too many other things to list here.

I hope you enjoy my writing.  If you do, or even if you don’t, please feel free to comment.  I am very open to constructive criticism and the knowledge that people are reading and caring about what I write encourages me to keep writing.

Some of you may also enjoy my new blog about Climate Change and Peak Oil in Canada.